Endura’s new Pro SL EGM bibshorts: No more excuses

Have you been hesitant to try bibshorts because it’s just a pain in the butt (no pun intended) when it’s time for a bathroom break? It’s a whole process to take off your jersey, pull down the bib straps, do your business, and redress. I hear ya sister. The inconvenience for some women can outweigh the comfort of bibs. But now there’s a solution!

Endura has launched a totally redesigned bibshort that provides comfort, performance, AND a drop seat that works perfectly. I’ve been testing their new Women’s Pro SL EGM Bibshort for several weeks before it was released to the public on April 20th.

The new bibshort design came about from a partnership between Endura and renowned physiotherapist and ergonomist, Phil Burt. This collaboration brought about the “Ergonomistry” concept. The aim is to develop products that provide superior comfort and wellbeing on the bike which is backed by both medical science and rigorous rider testing. Two of the pro athletes that tested the Pro SL EGM bibs included Lucy Charles-Barclay and Denise Schindler. Endura is so sure we will love these new bibs they have a “Love at first fit guarantee” and their standard 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

The laser-cut leg hems and wide bib straps combine with the ergonomic, pre-shaped multi-panel construction for superior on-the-bike comfort. Add in the new Women’s 800 Series Conform EGM pad, which comes in three different chamois widths, made from medical-grade Elastomer technology and I just wanted to keep on riding.

New 800 Series Conform EGM pad comes in 3 widths for long comfortable hours in the saddle

When it was time for a mid-ride bathroom break the drop bottom unique design allowed me to easily pull the shorts down without removing the straps or jersey. Endura combines enough elasticity in the bib straps with a unique back panel to allow me to pull down the shorts while still sitting upright. No contortions or struggles, just pulled them down like they were shorts. Previous versions of the Endura bibs used a side zipper, but this new design is far superior with zero chance of a wardrobe malfunction.

Other manufacturers have drop bottom designs, but at 6’ tall I’ve struggled with the straps not being long enough. Picture this, I’d be in the bathroom with my head by my knees trying to pee. Not the best experience. Some of the other designs also were too loose when riding and the pad would shift. With Endura’s unique design fit and structure were maintained.

Unique drop seat design for quick bathroom breaks without removing your jersey or bib straps

The bib upper includes a breathable mesh modesty panel and wide straps. The panel includes darts to conform to a woman’s curves and improve fit. I would recommend Endura switch from white to black fabric for the straps and modesty panel. White tends to show dirt over time and also is noticeable if your jersey hikes up.  

Mesh modesty panel with darts keeps everything in place

The shorts are made from Italian power Lycra fabric with coldblack® technology which reduces heat build-up as well as provides USP50 sun protection. With a 10” inseam the length is perfect and a laser-cut hem with silicone grippers delivers a clean line from shorts to leg. The shorts stay in place and no sausage legs with these bibs.

All in all, I am totally impressed with Endura’s Pro SL EGM bibshorts. Can’t wait to take them out for another spin.

Endura Sport

Price: $194.99

Color: Black

Sizes: XXS – XL

Inseam: 10”

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