Never complain about cold hands again

45NRTH Draugenklaw Drop-Bar Pogies Review I always suffer from cold hands and feet when the temperature dips. I’ve thrown the flat bar pogies on my fat bike, but I never tried them on drop bars until 45NRTH sent me a pair of their new Draugenklaw Drop Pogies. The pogies were simple to install, and IContinue reading “Never complain about cold hands again”

Endura’s new Pro SL EGM bibshorts: No more excuses

Have you been hesitant to try bibshorts because it’s just a pain in the butt (no pun intended) when it’s time for a bathroom break? It’s a whole process to take off your jersey, pull down the bib straps, do your business, and redress. I hear ya sister. The inconvenience for some women can outweighContinue reading “Endura’s new Pro SL EGM bibshorts: No more excuses”

Taking Jules Threads’ Jacket for a Spin

Today is International Women’s Day so thought it was only appropriate to take a ride. . I’ve had a Jules Threads jacket sitting in my “need to test” box for at least a month. I’ve patiently been waiting for Chicago’s frigid temps to break. Finally today the temps would be in the 40s at the start of my ride and climb into the mid-50s by the end.

Winter Biking: Wear Yak Wool and Never Be Cold Again

Facts About Yaks Despite their looks, yaks produce soft, warm, and strong wool. Living in the high altitude of the Himalayas at 4000-5000 meters in harsh weather conditions, yaks need the ability to stay warm. Under the yak’s thick and rough hair is a warm down which is used to make the wool. Each springContinue reading “Winter Biking: Wear Yak Wool and Never Be Cold Again”

A Top 10 Winter Cycling Item for Women

Winter cycling can be so exhilarating. Energizing and relaxing simultaneously. But when you start working up a sweat, the run of the mill sports bras leave you wet and chilled. I’ve been a fan of merino wool sports bras since they were recommended to me a couple of years back by a women’s MTB group.Continue reading “A Top 10 Winter Cycling Item for Women”

Machines for Freedom Endurance Bibs

Century Tested. Incredible Comfort. Recently I reviewed Machines for Freedom’s (MFF) new Essential Shorts and really liked the fit, comfort and quality. The one thing I would have preferred was a longer inseam. When I found out they offered their Endurance bibs in a tall version, I decided to test MFF’s tried and true flagshipContinue reading “Machines for Freedom Endurance Bibs”

Machines for Freedom The Essential Cycling Short

Machines for Freedom first ever cycling short Machines for Freedom has had success with their bibs, but seems many of their customers still weren’t ready to make the switch from shorts to bibs. So, they developed The Essential Cycling Short and added it to their line. They hit the mark right on most everything fromContinue reading “Machines for Freedom The Essential Cycling Short”