Never complain about cold hands again

45NRTH Draugenklaw Drop-Bar Pogies Review

I always suffer from cold hands and feet when the temperature dips. I’ve thrown the flat bar pogies on my fat bike, but I never tried them on drop bars until 45NRTH sent me a pair of their new Draugenklaw Drop Pogies.

The pogies were simple to install, and I never needed to refer to the directions. I just slipped them over the bar end and up over the hoods. The bar end portion has an elasticized opening for a snug fit, and the top uses Velcro closures to secure the pogie to the handlebars (see picture below). A 45NRTH logo faces out, making it easy to determine left or right, and it acts as a reflective element when riding in lowlight conditions.

The pogies slide on and off easily

Works great with Di2 or mechanical shifters

I tested the pogies on two bikes. First was my Trek Domane gravel bike with standard drop bars and Di2 electronic shifting. The second was a Salsa Cutthroat gravel bike with flared bars and SRAM manual shifters. The styling is lightweight and slim with plenty of room for shifting and braking. By shifting the top part of the pogie up or down, I found that I could regulate the temperature inside.

Installation is quick and easy with velcro tabs around the bars

The weather-resistant softshell fabric keeps the wind and precipitation out. The inside has soft fleece with far-infrared yarn, which collects the body heat and then releases heat. This internal fabric keeps hands warm so you can wear thinner gloves.

The company suggested the temperature range for these pogies is 15-35 degrees F; my testing was from the 20s – 50 degrees F. I no longer have to worry about cold hands and have extended my outdoor road and trail riding season on a drop-bar bike.

The only negative comment I have relates to all brands of pogies, is your hands aren’t protected from the elements and you can’t easily shift/brake when riding in the drops.

Pair these 45NRTH Draugenklaw Drop Pogies with their new Naughtwind Jacket for warm winter rides.

Price: $85.00

Color: Black

Size: One size

Temperature Rating: 15-35 degrees F

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