Being active shouldn’t be uncomfortable

When it comes to sports bras, women think they have to choose between comfort or support. Too often, to get support for the ‘girls,’ you have to wear a bra that is so highly compressive, it’s hard to breathe. And if you select comfort, you end up with shoulder, neck, and back pain.

A few months back, I came across Betts Fit during a virtual industry tradeshow and reached out to Catherine Betts, owner, and designer. If her claims were true, this could be a game-changer for so many active women. Bustier women must often wear multiple sports bras to control the ‘girls’ during high-impact activities. This is not only uncomfortable but also is warm.

Betts Fit’s Bounce Free sports bra provides bustier women the support they need without sacrificing comfort. Catherine Betts is a 34F and former colligate soccer player; she developed the Bounce Free bra out of necessity. Also, as a personal trainer, Catherine often found herself wearing a sports bra all day long and being very uncomfortable. So she set out to develop her innovative design.

The Bounce Free sports bra’s adjustable straps and corset front design let you cinch up for added support and loosen the laces for less support. I solicited a friend who’s a 34C to conduct the testing since I, unfortunately, lost all my cleavage when I dropped a bunch of weight.

Highly adjustable for a custom fit

Out of the package, my friend was a bit confused about how all the straps and laces worked. But, it was easy to dial in the proper fit after watching the company’s instructional video explaining how to adjust the straps and corset.

Corset cord lets you dial in the support

Per the video, the bra can take a few wears to ‘break in’ and soften the corset cord. But my friend was off and running seven miles the first time wearing the bra. She came back from her run with rave reviews. The bra lived up to its claim to curtail the bounce; it was highly adjustable, very comfortable, and zero chafing. It was a cold day, and the two layers of fabric plus the removable pads kept her warm.

The Betts Fit sports bra is made with 60% recycled materials, using high-quality Italian fabric: 65% Nylon, 35% Lycra. Their performance materials are both moisture-wicking and next to skin soft. The wicking capabilities worked well on a cold day under multiple layers, but when temperatures climb into the 80s or 90s, the bra may tend to be warm. Fortunately, the styling provides enough coverage to wear the bra alone, with a Betts Fit Hook Tank, a basic tank top, or a shirt.

Hook Tank provides added coverage

But wait, there’s more

Additional features include a zipper pocket to stash keys or money, a bounce strap to reduce movement further, and strap extenders for extra room. The bra straps can be worn either as an H-back or crisscross, with an adjustable bottom band and front corset.

Adjustable straps for racerback or H-straps

The bra pads are removable should you choose not to use them; instead, pull the pads through a small hole and save for later or toss them away.

Going that extra mile to make customers happy

The Bounce Free sports bra is available on the company’s website, Title Nine, or Tahoe Mountain Sports. You can purchase with confidence using Betts Fit’s virtual fitting. Customers have the option to schedule a call to help determine the correct size. They also offer a Take it to the Limit guarantee. If not convinced it is the best sports bra you’ve ever tried, you have 60 days to return it for a full refund and free return shipping.

According to my friend, Betts Fit’s sports bra fits true to size and is currently available for band sizes 32- 38 and cup sizes C, D, DD, and F, intending to increase size options in the future.

The $99 price tag is a bit pricey and is only available in black, but if it allows bustier women to exercise in comfort, can you really put a price tag on that?

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