Together We Ride

March 8th marks the 111th anniversary of International Women’s Day, which celebrates women’s achievements, raises awareness against bias and takes action for equality. And March 5-8th marks the 3rd annual International Women’s Day – Together We Ride™.

This year the goal is to make it bigger, better, and farther reaching than previous years. Dawn Piech, the ride’s founder, recently created an umbrella nonprofit called Inspyrd Movement. The organization’s mission is to inspire individuals to elevate diversity, equity, and inclusion through the act of movement, with Together We Ride falling neatly into that mission.

The concept for Together We Ride is one of inclusion so that riders can choose any of the four days, any distance, any bike, and anywhere. We invite women and men to participate.

Watch to learn the history and how International Women’s Day – Together We Ride came to be?

I’ll be hosting an outdoor ride in partnership with the Trek Bicycle Store of Highland Park as I’ve done the past two years. March 5th in the Chicagoland area can be pretty darn cold. As I sit here and type, there’s still snow on the ground. The many women who join me on a brisk March morning find the ride empowering. They ride farther than they thought they could and encourage each other one cold mile after the next.

Then, on March 8th, I’ll host a Zwift indoor trainer ride. The 6 am CST ride is open to women and men alike. If you’d like to attend, use this link.

For those participating in the outdoor or Zwift ride, I’ll be raffling a rain jacket donated by Showers Pass for each event.

Other rides are being planned all over the world. Adina Crawford will also lead two meditation sessions via Zoom. Check out the ride’s website or Facebook group for a comprehensive list.

Come out and Enjoy the Ride.

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