Growing and supporting a community of women of color: Black Girls Do Bike

With over 100 chapters in the US, BGDB is a nonprofit growing and supporting a community of women of color who share a passion for cycling. They strive to establish a comfortable place where female cyclists can support, advise, organize rides and promote skill-sharing. By sharing positive images of ladies and their bikes, they affirm that black girls do bike! BGDB also encourages bike advocacy, education, volunteerism, and safety in all communities and worldwide.

Together We Ride

March 8th marks the 111th anniversary of International Women’s Day, which celebrates women’s achievements, raises awareness against bias and takes action for equality. And March 5-8th marks the 3rd annual International Women’s Day – Together We Ride™. This year the goal is to make it bigger, better, and farther reaching than previous years. Dawn Piech,Continue reading “Together We Ride”

Fostering a size inclusive bike community

Back in April, a video of two fun-loving, adventurous female cyclists hit social media by storm. People shared the link to this video sensation with all their cycling friends and me via email, text, and Facebook. What made this video go viral? The fact that Marley Blonsky and Kailey Kornhauser are fat cyclists, embracing theirContinue reading “Fostering a size inclusive bike community”

Project Bike Tech: Modern Day High School Auto Shop Class

If you’re younger than 30, you might not have had auto shop class offered as an elective in high school. These classes went to the weigh side during budget cuts along with home economics and other electives. It’s a shame since some teenagers who didn’t excel at academics felt high school offered them very little.Continue reading “Project Bike Tech: Modern Day High School Auto Shop Class”

Why You Should Consider a Custom Wheel Set vs. Production

In the era of automation and standardization, especially in the bicycle industry, custom wheels are a rare find. Nowadays, wheel builders are few and far between, let alone female. Recently, Leah Sanda at PSIMET built a set of carbon fat tire wheels for my boyfriend. He mentioned Leah was someone I should interview. And heContinue reading “Why You Should Consider a Custom Wheel Set vs. Production”

Saddle issues afflicting the female cyclist

Not a week goes by without someone reaching out to me with questions about trouble with their saddle. Most cyclists freely discuss issues concerning our “southern region.” However, some folks are too embarrassed to talk about saddle sores, chafing, soft tissue swelling, or a host of other problems. On a recent ride, when the groupContinue reading “Saddle issues afflicting the female cyclist”

Pushing the limits to live your dreams

Katie Visco may not be a household name, but her ultra-running accomplishments are mind-blowing. In 2009, Katie ran 3,132 miles solo across the United States from Boston to San Diego. At the age of 23, she became the second youngest and 13th woman to run that route. Ten years later, Katie ran 2,112 miles over 119 days across Australia. Her husband Henley Phillips was her support vehicle, but human-powered, on a bicycle. Henley had to haul their food, water, and gear through the Outback, which at times weighed up to 400 pounds.

Cyclist vs. Truck – Turning tragedy into triumph

Every road cyclist has a story of their close call with a vehicle. With distracted driving on the rise, I worry about the possibility of getting hit every time I swing my leg over the saddle. Wearing bright colors, using front and rear daytime running lights, as well as a rear radar, contribute to a safer ride. But sometimes, your luck runs out.