Tips to keeping your bottom happy when cycling

One of the most frequent questions women ask me is about discomfort while cycling. It can range from chafing and saddle sores to soft tissue pressure. There’s always a checklist I got through:

  • How old is your saddle?
  • How old are your bike shorts?
  • Have you ever been professionally measured for saddle width?
  • When was your last bike fit?
  • Do you use chamois cream?

The last question solves a majority of issues related to an angry “southern region.” Using the correct chamois cream and reapplying during long rides is key to managing chafing and saddle sores. A happy bottom translates to more frequent and longer rides.

Team Zealios has a product I’ve been using for almost two years now, and I swear by it. Just today, the company announced new packaging for Betwixt, moving from a tub to a 4-ounce tube! When I reviewed the product for a few years ago, I’d have given it a 5-star rating once the packaging was changed. And low and behold, it was! They still offer Betwixt in travel size packets where are great for taking on longer rides and trips. I find there’s more than enough in the packets for two applications. I just put the opened pack in a ziplock baggy and save it for the next stop.

Zealios Betwixt comes in a new 4 oz tube that replaces the tub. Same great formula different packaging.

Betwixt has no added perfumes and is made from vegan ingredients derived entirely from plants. It is also petroleum and paraben-free. Parabens are a class of widely used preservatives in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Betwixt is thinner than other chamois creams, but it works great on long outdoor rides, mountain biking, and indoor trainer rides. For those of you who are triathletes, Betwixt is also a skin lubricant and suitable for use where chafing occurs and is safe to use with wet suits.

Remember when laundering your bibs, turn them inside out, allowing more water and detergent to run over the chamois. This trick will help keep the pad cleaner. You should wash all your gear inside out for the same reason. Another tip is to get out of your wet shorts immediately after a ride and use antibacterial soap on your lady bits in the shower.

A happy bottom means a happy rider.

Enjoy the ride!

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