A Top 10 Winter Cycling Item for Women

Winter cycling can be so exhilarating. Energizing and relaxing simultaneously. But when you start working up a sweat, the run of the mill sports bras leave you wet and chilled. I’ve been a fan of merino wool sports bras since they were recommended to me a couple of years back by a women’s MTB group. Yes, they can be expensive, but keeping the girls warm and dry is worth it. It’s one of my top 10 winter cycling items. BRANWYN is a women-owned and run business specializing in reasonably priced performance innerwear.

A rep for BRANWYN contacted me recently to see If I’d be interested in testing their Essential Bralette, Essential Bikini, and Essential Thong. She started to explain the benefits of merino wool, but I already knew about its magical properties, including:

  • Moisture-wicking
  • Odor-resistant, antimicrobial
  • Naturally breathable
  • Next to body soft feel
  • Temperature regulating

All three items I tested are made from GLDNspun Merino Blend (81% merino wool, 12% nylon, 7% spandex), machine washable and dryable, or hand wash and hang dry.

Price: $38.00 (bralette), $32.00 (bikini), $28.00 (thong)

Sizes: XS-2XL.

Colors: Black, Light Nude, Warm Nude, Dark Nude

If your on the larger size, probably a C-cup or bigger, the bralette Is for low-impact activities. It won’t provide enough support for the ‘girls’ if your workout includes running or jumping.

For testing, I wore the bralette cycling and both the bralette and underwear on hikes and snowshoeing. I can honestly say I’m a fan. They made for a very comfortable experience, just put them on and forget about it. The construction is such that the waist, leg, and bra bands don’t dig in, move with you, and the fabric is soft against your skin.

The MTB women who introduced me to wool bras also said they ride in wool underwear during the winter months. They can do this because they aren’t using a chamois. I always use a chamois when cycling, so I’ll trust them on the recommendation.

BRANWYN as a company believes in corporate responsibility and gives back by donating a minimum of 1% of sales to organizations that empower women, including:

  • SheJumps – the goal is to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities
  • Play Like a Girl – empowers girls to become impactful leaders in the STEM workforce
  • Black Women in Sport Foundation – seeks to increase the involvement of black women and girls in all aspects of sports.
  • Rose Haven – a day shelter and community center serving women, children, and gender non-conforming folks experiencing the trauma of abuse, loss of home, and other disruptive life challenges.

The company furthers its corporate responsibility by sourcing the Merino wool from ethically raised sheep in Australia, yarn spun by Sudwolle in Germany, and then seamlessly knitted, dyed, and constructed in Istanbul, Turkey. Finally, the garments make their way to BRANWYN headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

I’m very impressed with the company’s products and their big heart. BRANWYN has high-quality products, uses renewable materials, AND empowers women.

Remember folks, it’s a few days before Valentine’s Day, and here’s something perfect for your active partner. Hint. Hint. She’ll be grateful year-round because merino wool can be worn in all types of weather.

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