Extreme Sports Are for Girls, Too!

Many times young girls, especially those in a minority, don’t see themselves in sports like mountain biking, rock climbing, skateboarding, or surfing. Hayley Diep felt that way growing up. She didn’t see girls like herself participating in extreme sports on TV, in magazines, or even out in her neighborhood. As she grew older, she found passion in challenging herself in sports typically dominated by white men.

On a mountain bike ride, she thought to herself, “If you give a girl a bike she’ll ride and ride.” And a new children’s book was born. On March 8th, Hayley’s self-published book will drop. That’s the same day as International Women’s Day!

I interviewed Hayley about the book and asked her to read her favorite passage. Just a snippet of her reading included, “If you give a girl a bike and a helmet to go with it, she’ll ride and ride and ride.” The book goes on to show the adventures of a young girl taking part in different sports. Hayley stated, “Books influence children’s lives, and girls need to see themselves in sports like these. Growing up I didn’t see myself participating in these types of sports.” She went on to say that not only did she want girls to see themselves as represented, but also for boys to see it’s normal for girls to be on MTB trails, surfing, skateboarding, or rock climbing.

Hayley’s new book is available from her website and 10% of the proceeds benefit non-profits tied to the sports depicted in the book. The organizations include NICA, Good Karma Bikes, Brown Girls Surf, Skate Like a Girl, The Be Good Foundation, and Love for Our Elders. Hayley will even personalize the book with a message and gift wrap for that special girl or boy.

This is a fun book with a great message of empowering girls of all races. Pick up a copy for your daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, niece, nephew, or even for yourself. Spread the word, sports and adventures are for everyone!

Enjoy the Ride!

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