Women’s Cycling Apparel for All Body Types

About four years ago I was biking along when another cyclist came into view. Immediately I noticed her kit. It was colorful, unique and I knew I just had to have it. Fast forward to today and I own four Jules Threads kits…that’s jerseys, bibs, and matching socks. Gotta have the matching socks!

My first Jules Threads kit – Rockin’ the Dots

That’s how I discovered the Jules Threads brand and soon after became friends with company founder Julie Pitts. This Floridian native shares the same passions as I do. Get more women out riding bikes no matter their ability or body type. But Julie goes one step further by designing cycling kits that make you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable.

Julie discovered cycling 20 years ago and now rides mountain, road, and gravel bikes. This gives her great insights into what makes a quality kit. From the super comfortable chamois to a clean silhouette from head to toe, these kits are flattering while also providing performance.

I’ve century tested Jules Threads bibs and can attest to the comfort. And don’t get me started with all the compliments! Every time I wear one of her kits I receive compliments. So be forewarned, if you wear a Jules Threads kit you’ll be noticed!

Take a listen to my interview with Julie. We discuss where she draws her design inspiration from, how her kits are designed to fit and flatter every body type, as well as what new riders should look for when buying gear.

I’m so excited to share with you yet another successful, strong woman who in turn encourages and inspires other women.

Enjoy the ride.

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