Body Positivity in the Fitness World

Today I sat down with Adina Crawford, a fellow cycling sister, and I’m honored to call her a friend. We first met at the 2019 Trek Women’s Advocate Summit in Wisconsin. I think we are the tallest women in cycling. I was drawn to her from the very start, not just because of her height but her positive energy that is exuded through her welcoming smile.

Adina is very active in the fitness realm including being a Shero for Black Girls Do Bike (BGDB), leader for Black Girls RUN!, brand ambassador for numerous companies, blogger, yoga instructor, and so much more. She never ceases to amaze me.

In recent months I noticed Adina’s increase in social media posts, interviews, and appearances promoting body positivity.  She also started modeling for several fitness apparel companies. This is a welcome departure since historically they haven’t been overly welcoming to curvier women, let alone to women of color. Fitness brands need to realize black women, curvy women, heck ALL types of women want to be healthier, engage in physical activity and sports…recreationally or competitively. They need to be recognized in both company advertising and sizing.

Embracing the body you have can be difficult for women of any age, size, or color. Adina shares with me how to change the narrative around focusing on what your body can do and not what it can’t. Be sure to listen to the full interview as, towards the end of our discussion, Adina provides 3 Basic Steps to Body Positivity.

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