Encouraging the younger generation to explore

Every time I throw my leg over the bike, I can’t wait to set out on another adventure. Cycling gives us the freedom to explore and create our own experiences. Trying to communicate to the younger generation the thrill of cycling or any activity that doesn’t involve a screen is challenging. That’s why I was excited when I opened my inbox last week to read a press release from Garmin. Yes, Garmin.

The company we know for cycling computers that accompany us on our adventures introduced a new children’s book titled “Women of Adventure: Being Brave in a Big World.” The book features six stories from the Garmin Women of Adventure series and shows girls it’s okay to be strong, fearless, curious, selfless, and brave. These positive role models are of different ages, body types, and ethnicities. Hopefully, girls will identify with one or more of these women, head outdoors, and aspire to do something great themselves.

The six women featured include:

  • Rebecca Rusch, endurance and adventure bike racer
  • Patricia Walsh, blind long-distance triathlete
  • Steph Davis, wing-suit pilot
  • Selma Jun, rock climber
  • Jenny Kalmbach, paddle boarder
  • Mirna Valerio, ultra-trail runner

But the book doesn’t stop with the inspirational stories. There’s an Explore section for both kids and adults to discover the science behind how things work, the tools required for each adventure, and various facts/figures pertinent to each discipline. For example, after the Rebecca Rusch story, there’s a section about maps, compass directions, and even some history on GPS.

Garmin’s new book Women of Adventure uses Explore pages for discovering more about each discipline

Garmin encourages sharing of little explorers in action by sharing on social media using #WOABook. I can’t wait to see the pictures. Proceeds from each book purchased go toward the women’s chosen charities, supporting causes that clean up coastlines, empower women and girls worldwide with donated bikes, educate and inspire girls through STEM-related efforts and more.

I hope you’ll read to your children and grandchildren. Getting kids excited about reading at an early age is vital to developing cognitive skills and stimulating imagination. The book is only $14.99 and can be purchased from Garmin here. Don’t forget Haley Diep’s book “If You Give a Girl a Bike” featured in my February blog post.

Enjoy the ride.

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