ZIZE Bikes: Building bikes and fun for heavier rider

When launching Sunflowers and Pedals, my vision was to share my knowledge and love for cycling with those new to the sport and long-time cyclist of all ages, sizes, and abilities. When I ‘met’ Joan Denizot, founder and CEO of ZIZE Bikes, on a Zoom call a few weeks back, she was someone I wanted to interview.

Joan started ZIZE Bikes in 2005 because she couldn’t find anyone that manufactured a bike for heavier riders. I admire the drive and give her a lot of credit. First, starting a business. Second, picking an industry dominated by men. But she is filling a void.

Biking is a non-weight-bearing form of exercise and allows mobility for heavier people who may not even be able to walk. Bottom line, Joan helps those who previously couldn’t ride have their own “new bike day.” And you know how that feels! It’s incredible at any age.

Heavier riders need to be aware of weight limits and frame design when purchasing a bike, from wheels and tires to the frame material and Q factor (width of an installed crankset or how far apart your feet will be). ZIZE has it pretty much dialed in. They sell bikes for riders up to 550 pounds and design frames that won’t break under that kind of load.  

There’s a lot to consider when building a safe and sturdy bike for heavier riders

During my interview with Joan, she mentioned a typical ZIZE customer buys a bike to become active, have fun outdoors, and less about weight loss. Well, isn’t that true about most cyclists?

ZIZE Bikes is offering Sunflowers and Pedals followers a 20% discount on a new bike. Use promo code ZCCTALK when ordering. Don’t wait, as this promotion is only valid thru May 15, 2021. If you are a heavier rider and want to get out to ride, now’s your chance.

It’s exciting to know that big or small, old or young; there’s a bicycle out there for every BODY. So hop on and…

Enjoy the ride.

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