Stand Up and Advocate for Change

As a child my parents always instilled in me to stand up for what I believe in and if I see something wrong, speak up. I’ve embraced their teachings throughout my life. Sometimes it wasn’t popular, but more often than not it brought about change. I’m by all means not in the ranks of Greta Thunberg or even my guest this morning, Kathryn Bertine. But progress cannot happen without change, no matter how small.

Kathryn Bertine racing during her pro cycling career

Today I had the privilege to sit down with pro cyclist, documentary filmmaker, journalist, author, and advocate, Kathryn Bertine. She’s been advocating for equality in women’s sports for years, including back in 2014 when she succeeded in adding La Course by Tour de France.

Earlier this month Kathryn released her 4th book, STAND: A Memoir on Activism. A Manual for Progress. Even the cover makes a statement by using blue to send a subtle message that women can “own” the color, too. Also adorning the cover is a huge equal sign that is reminiscent of the sign she held above her head at the 2013 UCI World Championships. That silent protest resulted in a fine of 50 euros levied by the UCI.

Watch my interview with Kathryn as we discuss her new book, advocacy, equality in women’s sports, and much more. Kathryn left me inspired as well as motivated and I’m sure she’ll have the same effect on you, too.

Enjoy the ride!

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