2021 International Women’s Day Together We Ride

Last year’s International Women’s Day Ride is etched in my brain. First and foremost it was an amazing day. Over 40 riders, men and women, came out to the TrekHP bike shop to celebrate women’s achievements. Most of the group dressed in the day’s signature purple we rode over 30 miles with a quick photo op overlooking Lake Michigan.

2020 IWD Ride with a stop overlooking Lake Michigan

It was a spirited day with many in the group never riding so early in the season and going farther than they thought possible. But the sad part of that day was it would be the last group ride of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We went from ‘together we ride’ to solo adventures. But the key was, we kept on pedaling.

The 2021 IWD Ride will look quite different. There’s no minimum ride distance, no big group rides. Instead, it is a virtual event and riders can opt for outdoor or indoor trainer rides. This is truly inclusive, allowing even a loop around your neighborhood to count.

Today I spoke to Dawn Piech, founder of the International Women’s Day Together We Ride event. We discuss what the ride symbolizes, why she started the event, and how people can get involved. Take a look.

For additional information:

Official Website of IWD Ride

Official Website of IWD 2021

For those in the Chicagoland area, I’m hosting a virtual ride

Daily Herald coverage

I hope you can join an IWD ride in your area and if there isn’t one, consider grabbing your BFF and creating your own ride. Be sure to post your pictures and add the hashtag #iwdbike

Enjoy the ride!

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