Jenn Dice, leading a key cycling advocacy group, PeopleForBikes

I invited Jenn Dice, President and CEO for PeopleForBikes (PFB), to sit down with me and talk about her involvement with cycling and the organization she leads. PFB started in 1999 with the mission that aligns closely with mine, “To get more people riding bikes more often. To make bike riding better for everyone.”

PFB works with federal, state, and local governments to improve cycling infrastructure in communities, including those underserved. In addition to lobbying, they conduct research as well as fund trail building and bike parks. Check out their list of city ratings. Is your city at the top?

As a female president and CEO, Jenn is in a position to strive for equity and inclusion within the organization. This includes equity in pay among men and women and salaries commensurate with those outside the organization. Also, everyone has a voice and is heard, making PFB a collaborative nonprofit. “With some of the barriers I’ve experienced in the past, it’s great to be in a position of leadership to be able to address those barriers and work through them,” stated Dice.

Currently, PFB is lobbying for several key initiatives, including the transportation bill making its way through congress. Listen to the full interview with Jenn. Her passion for the organization’s mission comes through loud and clear.

To get more people connected and sharing their biking experiences, PFB launched a ride app called Ride Spot. This free app lets you find great routes, share your rides, and get turn-by-turn navigation. Also, Ride Spot has Affiliate bike shops that have predefined routes available online or at the shop. Just scan the RideCard codes using the Ride Spot in-app scanner to view or save.

Ride Spot a free app for routes, share rides, and explore.

There are various ways to get involved with PFB in addition to supporting them financially. Your time is a valuable resource. Their website lists a variety of opportunities to help with the cause. If you’re reading this blog, cycling is probably a big part of your life. Let’s get more people from every walk of life on bikes.

Consider supporting PFB in addition to your state’s advocacy group. You have them to thank for many of the great roads, trails, and parks where we love to ride.

Enjoy the ride!


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