Would you know what to do?

When you put thousands of miles on your bike each year unfortunately you see a fair share of accidents. Some are just minor road rash and others require a trip to the emergency room. Thankfully I’m the type of person that is levelheaded during a crisis and can help to take charge at the scene.

Knowing what to do in case of an emergency on the road or trail is vitally important. Being prepared and knowing ahead of time what to do will keep you calm and in turn, keep others around you and the victim(s) calm.

I thought I’d chat with a professional to get some insight on first aid for cyclists.  Kyle Seegers is a Lieutenant with the Elk Grove Village Fire Department and a member of Hazmat, Technical Rescue, and swift water rescue teams. Also, Kyle is a bike fitter and the owner of Sweet Spot Bike Fitting as well as an avid road, MTB, and triathlete. All this combines to give him a whole other layer of knowledge to pull from.

I sat down with Kyle who shared some great tips on basic first-aid and injury assessment. Some of the topics he covered included:

  • Securing the crash scene
  • How to do a head to toe assessment
  • When to call 911 and what information to tell dispatcher
  • When should you remove the victim’s helmet
  • Why you should send the victim’s helmet with to the hospital
  • What first-aid items to carry in your saddlebag

By the end of our conversation, I walked away learning a few new tips including a unique first-aid use for that spare bike tube.

Watch the video so you can be better prepared should a fellow cyclist need your help in a time of crisis.

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