Would you know what to do?

When you put thousands of miles on your bike each year unfortunately you see a fair share of accidents. Some are just minor road rash and others require a trip to the emergency room. Thankfully I’m the type of person that is levelheaded during a crisis and can help to take charge at the scene.Continue reading “Would you know what to do?”

Machines for Freedom Endurance Bibs

Century Tested. Incredible Comfort. Recently I reviewed Machines for Freedom’s (MFF) new Essential Shorts and really liked the fit, comfort and quality. The one thing I would have preferred was a longer inseam. When I found out they offered their Endurance bibs in a tall version, I decided to test MFF’s tried and true flagshipContinue reading “Machines for Freedom Endurance Bibs”

Machines for Freedom The Essential Cycling Short

Machines for Freedom first ever cycling short Machines for Freedom has had success with their bibs, but seems many of their customers still weren’t ready to make the switch from shorts to bibs. So, they developed The Essential Cycling Short and added it to their line. They hit the mark right on most everything fromContinue reading “Machines for Freedom The Essential Cycling Short”

Vespertine NYC Reflective Gear

Vespertine NYC Reflective Gear Roundup I’m always excited when I discover women-owned businesses, especially when they are connected to cycling gear. Add in an eco-friendly element and I’m all over it. In the past, I’ve reviewed products from women-owned and run businesses like Jules Threads, Machines for Freedom, and GRACEDBYGRIT. I laud these women whoContinue reading “Vespertine NYC Reflective Gear”

Cycling outdoors is year-round

Here in Chicago most cyclists head down into the basement for trainer rides. But that is not high on my list unless I need a specific workout. Instead I’ve learned how to dress for the elements enabling me to ride in almost any temperature. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love it when the mercuryContinue reading “Cycling outdoors is year-round”